Monday, January 9, 2012

Major news in our little world

Please help us welcome Squirt (racing name 'Shaula') to our hearts and home!  Her story is quite remarkable and if we think Ironman have tough spirits and are tenacious, well, we don't hold a candle to this little thing.  She is a survivor in the truest sense:

And if any IMFL vets recognize the location - Ebro - well, it's on the bike route on the northwest corner of 79 and 20.  We come northward on 79, then right on 20 and if anyone was around me during the bike portion at that intersection, they would have heard me saluting the survivors and those that didn't make it.  At the time, we did not know we would be adopting Squirt but the universe works in mysterious and there is no question Squirt was meant to join our family.  She has been here 3 days but you'd think she grew up here!  What a treasure!