Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IMFL 2011 Race Video

Race report to follow!!  Please let me know what you think?!


  1. Awesome video! You did awesome and it looks like you had a blast!

    I'm curious about your stomach issues on the run... did you drink the on course Perform on the bike???

    Your daughters are absolutely adorable and it looks like they made for an amazing cheering section.

  2. First - LOVE the video!! SO AWESOME. Really. That is a GIFT, you are going to love to look back to... I wish I had one for IMLP.

    12:03. You are freaking amazing.

    That map of your drive is nuts. Love the pictures of the girls!!!Looks like they had a BLAST. That video of them cheering for you on teh bike is THE CUTEST. I am still bummed I missed you when I was down there!

    PS - Brucie and Bumper might like my latest giveaway...

  3. The video was awesome! Congratulations for getting to the end!

  4. Love the video - great job on it!

    Congrats on an awesome time!

    Your gurls are cute!! :)

  5. @ Kevin - thanks for the feedback. I lost my Infinite on the bike course, half way through and I think I miscalculated / over did it with gels and Perform. I was nauseous by the end of the bike.

    @Mandy - I was looking for you!! IMMT baby, we'll fix that!!

    @Hounds....I have an Ebro post coming up on the GHs....thanks for the feedback!

    @John - Thanks dude...we'll be seeing you soon enough, too!!

  6. congrats on your great time. wonderful pictures of your trip and family, too!

  7. Hey !!! Great video..very inspiring!
    Congratulations on completing your first Ironman !!
    I will be doing my first one next August in Mont Tremblant... and your video is motivating me to continue on my training path.
    TAke care !

  8. Greta video. I need to get over swimming in the ocean and put IMFL on my race schedule. Nice to read a blog from a guy point of view with family and trying to balance it all. It's tough!

  9. Im writing for 2 reasons_ im an ironman triathlete and I have done ironman FL and I live and work in Montreal and once of my coworkers runs the biggest adoption service in Quebec for retired grey hounds - I was wondering if you have a garmin file for the mt.tremblant bike course. I have friend who is doing it ( I am not) he is in the 65 plus group and would like to qualify for kona

  10. Loved this video! Congrats on your time that is amazing! I must say its so nice to see how family focused you are - its very inspiring!

  11. Would really love to see your IMFL video. This is my target race for 2015. Also the this area is like my 2nd home in the summer. It says it is private????

    1. Hey Terry - sorry for the late reply. I made it public again - you can skip ahead to 1:30 for the start of IM related stuff. Good luck in your race - it's a great one...incredible venue!