Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where is the summer going?

Obviously, given my last blog update was in June, I've not done a good job of keeping things up to date.  That said, I've participated in many other blogs by doing a lot of reading and commenting.  It's been great to stay connected with other peoples' trials and tribulations of triathlons and it's about time I re-start the blog engine to capture my own activities and thoughts.  I'll skip the detail over the last 2 months sans-blog and shout out the highlights:

  • May 29 marathon (first one) was 4:11.  My training leading up to this was nothing short of pathetic.  1.7 runs per week from Jan to May on average.  I vow to never show a lack of respect to this kind of distance again.  That said, I still had a good race (for me) and felt great up until the last 5km or so.
  • I stuck to my IM training plan to a T in June, logging 74km of run, 722 km bike, and more or less, 7km of swimming (all in the pool).
  • July - 83km run, 942 km bike, 23km swim
  • Aug...not off to a great start as I picked up a hip flexor injury and have rested it for the last 10 days.  Feeling good about how it's doing though and I'm confident it should be cleared up before IM 70.3 Muskoka next month.
  • Spectated and cheered at IMLP in July and rode 1 lap of the bike course, did some running and swimming as well.  What a great experience though I wasn't able to see many bloggers as I didn't know what anyone was wearing.  Exception being Bryan Payne...saw the dude a few times on the run and at the finish.  Wished I had seen John Proc and a few others, though.
  • Did a 3K open water swim race in July in 47:54.  Good race, tough to sight into the rising sun, however.
  • I've had to tweak my bike fit several times this summer as a result of a saddle issue.  No sores, but incredible discomfort - to the point where I couldn't ride aero longer than an hour.  Not good when one is heading to IM FL.  I've changed the saddle (again), this time to a Selle SMP Plus.  Longest ride with it is 5.5 hours and it's been great.  I can't believe the difference!
  • Just came back from vacation, timed nicely with the hip injury so it was total R&R.  I brought all my gear but didn't use any of it.  A recovery week is much needed, sometimes!
  • I haven't been able to get back to Tremblant as planned given every weekend has had something on the schedule.  I know re-paving of the road to the North Side (Duplessis) starts within the next 2 weeks and lasts a month.  If the weather cooperates, I should be able to get one loop done at the end of September and on a freshly paved road!!

Some recent pics, just for fun!  Thanks for reading!!


  1. That is one comfortable Greyhound! lol

    As for the rest, I'll just say that you've been a lot more active than me.

  2. a greyhound lying on the beach...i live in southern california and my girls haven't even done that.

  3. Looks like you're having a great summer! The good ones are never long enough.