Friday, August 26, 2011

Tremblant at Night

We see a ton of Tremplant pics in the daytime - of course, it allows you to see a lot more.  While walking the hounds tonight, though, I thought I'd capture a bit of the evening character and also make some eatery recommendations.  I got the idea half way through the walk, so I missed some staple restaurants like Le Shack and La Forge.  Will get those next time.

This is a view of the CP Hotel from the base at the top of the Cabriolet

Center Stage at the top of the walkway.

Looking down the walkway

Here is where we get into some eatery (or liquid nutrition) fun stuff.  

The Caribou is famous and has garnered an interesting reputation.  Dancing ON the bar is expected.  As athletes, you aren't likely to party it up too much, but stop in for a pint and if you're on vacation, a night (11 pm onward) here is worth it.

One of my favorites.  Order a smoked Swiss (2 sausages w/ Sauerkraut and fries) and a beer.  It's all micro brews and they have a great patio and atmosphere.  

If your kids are anything like mine, they'll know how to spend your money really fast in here.  It adds up quick, but if you have a sweet tooth, it can't be beat.  Lot's of retro fun stuff in here, like Lik-a-Maid...remember that?  Anyway, there is a ton of bulk candy of all kinds.  Mix and match and watch your kids fly off the deep end.

Like Maple products?  Here's another place to spend money.  Everything maple inside, including taffy in the summer.  The price just went up to $2.50 per popsicle stick, though.

This is right near the finish line (opposite side of Cabriolet) and is a staple for every trip up.  Various kinds of coffee to choose from and you can even spice it up with a shot of your favorite liquid mind elixir.

The last shot I will leave you with, for tonight, is the future finish line.  The run will come under the arch you see and with the downhill slope, should make for some strong finishes.  It's hard to say where they'll put the line and catch area, but I have to believe it will be in the spot that opens into the base area.  I don't see how you could get spectators up any higher ... it's just too narrow.  

You all likely know WTC announced Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 today, which will take place June 24, 2012.  It will be a crazy event given it is also Quebec's National holiday - St Jean Baptiste day.  The single biggest holiday in Quebec.

Thanks for your well wishes and comments on my 'rehab'.  The chiropractor I'm seeing is amazing and she's got me feeling better already.  I did a 3K run yesterday without issue and plan to do 5k tomorrow.  I don't think I'll be up to 94K ride at Muskoka with a 21.1K run to follow though - I've actually resigned myself to a DNS.  Life happens, I guess.  Thanks for reading!



  1. great pictures.

    ya never know, maybe you'll be good to go for muskoka

  2. The more everyone talks about this place, the more I :kinda" want to do it, thanks to a brutal bike profile, it keeps me grounded

  3. Love the pictures and the comments.
    Now I got to visit The Caribou, after the race, of course :-o).