Thursday, September 1, 2011

Motion is clearly lotion

I went to the chiropractor for treatment #3 on Tuesday and felt significantly better afterwards, despite her trying to kill me - or at least make me suffer A LOT - with ART.  She does about 20 minuts of ART, targeting the Psoas muscle in the front hip (known generically as the hip flexor) and the glute mede in the back part of my hip.  She finishes with 10 minutes of electro something or other and an ice pack, which gently stimulates recovery.  I left her office with a hop in my step and a paper with 4 specific stretches to incorporate into my day.  Easy peasy.

I also got a bike re-fit by an awesome fitter I've ridden with a few times this summer.  Not only did he set everything up properly, he took measurements, notes, video, and wrote a report on his findings and recommendations.  I've been fit before by my former pro triathletes and I'll say it's always good to get another opinion, even when you think you're dialed in right.  The focus of the re-fit was to open my hip angle a bit more.

I rode an hour on Tuesday, which went well, ran 5K on Wednesday at about 5:15 pace, which is decent, and then rode again today for 1:40.  Everything was going really well until the last 5 minutes today when I felt an instant flash of hip pain that didn't go away.  The pain-o-meter went from 0-60 in 2 seconds so I did a bit of single leg pedaling until I got home.

This is the second of two weeks where my kids are at my parents place at Tremblant and having far too much fun.  Back to school for them next week so they closing out the summer in style.  Their grandparents have taken them fishing, to parties, to Santa's Village, horseback riding, swimming, to the mountain for activities, cycling 20km, and had many campfires in the backyard, roasted marshmallows, did arts and crafts, played checkers, chinese checkers, and a few card games.  We call it 'Camp Tremblant' and are so happy they can all spend so much great time together.  These are precious moments and for us to have an empty nest for two weeks: priceless!

We were up last weekend to give my folks some relief and took some shots of the fun times we had at the base of the mountain:

Some good signage around the base about IMMT.  We didn't go to the beach where the full IM kiosk is, though.

I meant to add this in my last post.  The Source is an indoor pool activity area with a kiddie pool, a few small slides, a tarzan rope, waterfall, etc.  My girls love going and we find the best fun is to imitate the game 'Splatalot'.  It really involves my trying to dunk them on some floating carpets and stuff.  Just good fun.

There are also an indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

Worth a visit for kids, for sure.

The poutine shop is right opposite the finish line of IMMT though 10 bucks says finishing athletes couldn't keep this down right after the race, though, I would encourage anyone and everyone to have one (just one) serving.  But I'd enjoy it the day after the race, if I were you!

What is poutine?

Fries with cheese curd smothered in gravy.

Enjoy on a day when you aren't counting calories!

Smoke's creates about 50 different kinds of poutine.  This is the vegetarian version with peas, onions, mushrooms.  Sounds gross, looks worse, but is not that bad at all.  I prefer the traditional (above), though - it's like missionary poutine.

Rock climbing, please!

Ride the Gondola to the summit
Send your kids to the Euro-bungy!

And something everyone in the family can enjoy:  The luge!!  It's not cheap, but it sure is fun.  A pic and a video:  Thanks for reading!



  1. I SO can't wait to get up to Tremblant!!! Second time I have heard of Poutine. Looking forward to gorging on some post race.