Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boredom seeps in

Without ranting, I'd say I'm really peeved.  I'm just so damned bored.  I walk the dogs, relatively slowly and can't stop thinking about running.  As long as I don't engage my core muscles, I can walk at a decent clip - but it is awkward and without flow - very mechanical.  I'm sure the dogs wanted me to run a bit with them too.

Ironically, greyhounds don't need or want a lot of exercise.  They're sprinters and cover an oval 500m in 30 seconds.  The fastest dogs on earth and I can't even give mine a little trot these days.  They do run in our fenced backyard, but it's nothing like a full out sprint at the track.  Poor guys, though they'll get over it.

I've caught up on several blogs and done some commenting.  It's great keeping up with peoples' lives that I've never even met.  At least it's 'real', not like TV.

At this rate, I don't see running for at least another week, possibly longer.  I've got a serious core muscle issue that needs some addressing.  Until then, someone throw me a lifeline...I can't get used to the calm.

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