Thursday, October 7, 2010

Aerobic only run

Today was my first run with the Mark Allen Online program and I was glad to have had my expectations set, thanks to the likes of several who have blogged about their beginnings with the program.  I am a year out from IMFL so there is no speed work or other "difficult" sections of the program (yet).  It's about building a solid aerobic base so you can in turn add the speedwork later without redlining your hear rate.

The run was to be a 'tempo' run for 40 mins.  HR target 131-141.  Are you kidding?  I never run below 150 and am usually most comfortable at closer to 160.  So sticking to the planned HR was more like a slow jog.  I'm sure as hell glad I chose to bring my iPhone with me so I could listen to some music as I cruised along at a snail's pace.  It was hard running this slow.  It really was.  But the weather was nice and I ran into DW as she was walking the hounds at lunch.  I rarely see the dogs head on, unless they are in our fenced backyard barreling straight at me.  If you've never seen Greyhounds run at a track, then you are missing something.  Not to get into the pro / anti racing debate, but I had a chance to take the boys back to their track in Mass last year, just prior to it closing.  They ran in the 'Fun Run' and we got to watch a few real races while we were there.  Everyone is impressed with their speed and power, but I am sure athletes in the crowd can pick out the subtleties that allow the dogs to run at 45 mph.  Ears back in full "aero" fashion, double suspension gallop minimizing contact with the ground, and strategy and planning to figure out how to get out front, when to 'go for it', and how to 'hang on'.  All things a triathlete can relate to.

I won't digress any further.  I'm just so amazed at how these dogs are built for speed and that I wish some of it could rub off on me!  I won't tell you about the times I have ran with them, while holding the leash.  There could have been some good submissions to America's Funniest Home Videos!

Today's training:  40 min, 137 avg HR, 6.2 KM, 6:39/km pace (SLOW!)

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