Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New wheels - literally

As I've had some forced downtime, of late, I thought I could spend some time researching wheels.  My plan was to buy some race wheels in the spring and be all set for next year's race season.  As I had been researching, I came across these HEDs about 6 weeks ago - they are hardly used....less than 200 miles on them from a known semi-elite local racer.  He had been given a new set / bike for Kona earlier this month so had these up for sale.

For my first HIM, Muskoka 70.3, I borrowed my brother's wheels - 2 HED 90's.  The difference between riding aero and non-aero wheels is incredible.  You can literally feel the lack of resistance and because the set I ran were tubulars, they were incredibly smooth to boot.  The feeling on them sold me right there of the value of good wheels.  The only downside I noticed was that with a 90mm deep rim up front, the side gusts were frightening.  The strong ones were literally pushing me sideways, especially given they came out of nowhere.  It's not like sailing / windsurfing when you can see the gust come across the water - look at the waves.  On the road / forested hills, they take you by surprise and can ruin your day pretty quickly.

So, my search was on for something 'smaller' up front - something that would be a little easier to manage in gusty weather.  I thought a 50 mm rim would be the magic number.  After emailing a few other sellers of such wares, I kept coming back to the HEDs.  They're a great value overall and upon greater reflection, I'll manage the 60mm up front without issue.  So, I pick them up Friday.  Worst thing is I can't use them until the snow melts in the spring, and even then....!

Looking to tomorrow - literally - my hounds turn 6 so tomorrow's post will be about celebrating their lives, from puppyhood on their farm to their stats as racing dogs and most importantly for us, to their final chapter in life as pets.

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  1. I found your blog as part of the 201Ironman club

    I like the wheels, I am scouring the web, trying to get a good deal, they are expensive