Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do you know where your meat comes from??

While I am not an environmentalist, a tree hugger, a protester, a causer, a do-gooder, there is one thing that is becoming more important in my life, especially as I get older and "think" about things a little more.

How many of you think about where your food comes from?  Whether it is vegetables and fruits or meats?  Prior to the last few years, I was one of the "most" that didn't give it a second thought or frankly even cared.  I could go to the grocery store, buy whatever, and consume.  It was easy, convenient, not terribly expensive and what I've come to better understand over the last while, it was unfortunately too good to be true.

I do not speak from a high horse here at all, BUT, thanks to YouTube, one of the most hated terms: "Social Media", and the thrust of technology, like video recorders on iPhones or other small devices, so much more information is surfacing on the reality of animals' lives in the 'industrialized' food process.

As I was at the grocery store after my swim Tuesday night, I had a great idea to buy a chicken and roast it at home and use the meat in my lunchtime salads and for sandwiches, etc.  As I reviewed the packaging, I was looking for at least a free range bird and at best, an organic bird.  Unfortunately no luck.  There was no way I was buying an industrially processed bird.  Why support these billion dollar corporations that pump their chickens full of antibiotics, steroids, and unhealthy feed?  No thanks.  And that's without any thought of how the chickens are kept in cramped cages, never seeing sunlight, a good chunk of them dying before being processed, and I don't mean at the processing plant, etc.  Anyway, long story short, I walked out of there with wild salmon instead.

OK, onto the good stuff!

I'm bridging movies between one ride session and another.  I finished watching "The Expendables" and started watching "Knight and Day".  Both great movies to ride to.  As for the workout - well, 90 mins and led off with some one leg drills after the warm up.  If you've never done one leg drills, you need to start.  They point out quite clearly every flaw in your pedal stroke and apparently, I have many.  Damn...hard stuff.  Going to have to work really hard to improve here.

We're off skiing again this weekend and I have a 90 min run planned for after skiing on Saturday.  Hoping for nice weather and no new snow on the roads.

I'll finish watching Knight and Day tomorrow, Friday, on a 60 min easy ride.  Saweet!

60 min swim
90 min bike
Getting there....

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