Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ever seen a 20+ pound bird fly?

We have a flock of over 35 wild turkeys come through our yard at least twice a day and have come to actually like having them around.  They are usually walking or running through the trees, down our front walk way, across the driveway, to and from our neighbours, and back again.  I think their sole reason for living is to eat and reproduce.

The turkeys occasionally give us something new and recently, it was to roost in our trees.  At dusk, they look like large black blobs high up in the trees and we're amazed how they could perch so high on such small branches.  These are NOT small birds!  Sure enough, by morning, I caught a couple of them floating to the ground to begin their days' activities and it was a really cool sight.

Today's training was a nice easy long run - 90 mins and my goal distance of 15km.  A nice easy pace, however, it was a challenge because of the hills - in the Laurentian Mountains - and the falling snow.  It made for some nice scenery, but the strong wind and accumulation on the ground made form some difficult running.

By the time I got home, I was actually quite tired and hungry - obviously - I started the run at noon after skiing and hadn't eaten since breakfast.  I had a couple of bars in my vest in case of emergency.

As we sit here in February, I think about the fact it is mid winter, it's cold and snowy, typically strong winds, but that we really only have another 6 weeks to go until the April sun.  But the most important piece for me is proof that so many of us run and exercise despite the weather.  We're awesome!!  It motivates me to read about others' weather related triumphs and the perseverance they show to get out there no matter what.

I'm looking forward to this week of training and continuing to build the base.  The Ottawa Marathon is 15 weeks away and I'm kinda scared, actually.  Seems so close....


  1. That was a nice run. You shouldn't be scared about the Ottawa Marathon.

    My parents used to grow turkeys back in Romania but I've never got the chance to see a wild turkey so far. It's pretty cool to see them daily in front of your house.

  2. Hey Doru! Where've you been?? Thanks for the thoughts. I wondered tonight, if it was wrong to BBQ turkey burgers on the deck with a flock of wild ones on the ground 30 feet away!!

  3. I've been busy at work for a while, then down with a cold and then on vacation :-).

    I guess that the wild turkeys did not mind of you bbq turkey burgers. Like you said, probably their sole reason for living is to eat and reproduce. Now that's simple life :-).