Monday, September 20, 2010

Does manual labour mean I'm lazy?

I've spent the last 2.5 days digging.  I'm putting in about 90 feet of a two foot border of cobblestone pavers along the edge of the driveway and trailer pad area.  Will be nice to finish this area off, given I'm fencing part of it to keep the hounds in.  My multi Ironman neighbour, Dave came by yesterday and said 'what are you doing?  A summer's worth of projects in a weekend?'  He obviously understands that my "best" this summer consisted of mowing the lawn.  I was lucky to get the fertilizer on one a month as well.  And the list of other house and outdoor priorities is longer than an Olympic....or even a 70.3 or even a full Ironman.  I have a lot of things to do!

Anyway, the trench will accommodate granular A and stone dust and serve as the base for the pavers.  I'll dig an additional 18' to accommodate the fence posts.  That means 3' of depth for those.  Man o man, digging in rock is no fun.

Given the manual labor heroics, I've done no training.  Since Muskoka, I've done no training.  I'm anxious, actually, to go for a run and will probably do that tomorrow morning.  It's busy at work so I just shut that down and will be heading to bed very shortly.  Brian Payne would not be impressed.  I should probably quote other triathletes and ironman, but none of the one's I know blog.

Short post today and I realize I need a pic of the damn trench.  I've got a few more evenings to go, though, but the stone arrives this week, as do the fence posts, so I've got to continue digging in anticipation.

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