Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A good run gone bad

Finally back to some triathlon training!  You know you are ready when you can't sit still and just wait for the bell to ring 5:00 so you can bolt.  Not that anyone cares when I stop working, because it's always there.  For example, I have a conference call in 10 minutes - beginning at 6:30 pm.  So who cares if I duck out for a quick run at 5 when I know I've got to work through the evening anyway? 

I'm on to my second pair of Zoot's.  I love them because they are a sockless shoe and can be slipped on quickly in T1.  I have to say, though, I want to burn these ones.  I'm trying to break them in and my training runs on these are 0 for 2.  They are kicking my a$$, or said less figuratively, tearing my right heel apart.  I was unfortunately pathetically inclined tonight and after having a great 5 min avg/km run (good for me), at the 4k mark, I came to a grinding halt.  The pins and needles sticking into my heal were killing me.  Given this was a maintenance run, there was no need to push through the pain and 'git'er done' at the expense of being able to run over the next couple weeks.  So, I took off my shoe and jogged along the grass shoulder of the roads until I hit the stables about 2 km from my house, a point which I was hoping and thrilled to see my neighbour up the road feeding his horses.  You guessed right - I asked for a ride home - and got it in the back of his pickup!  Before you jump to conclusions, the cab was full.  I didn't smell that bad!

I'm poking around for a set of race wheels for next year and came across someone selling some Zipp 404's.  After my inquiry, I learned one is 4 years old, the other 2.  He bought them used, broke a spoke and had it repaired, and still wants $1100 for them.  The guy is nuts.  No one buys 3rd hand wheels that are 2 and 4 years old for $1100.  No cassette included, either.  The guy is on crack, so I'm going to pass, obviously.

See ya -

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