Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hound time

A great way to start the day!  After yesterday's 5:12AM wake up and long training session, this morning was all about taking it easy.  The girls poured their own cereal and milk, which meant I only had to feed the cats and dogs.  It takes a bit of time as we feed the hounds raw so I had to prepare the required meat and bones.  Man, were they hungry.  I am not sure what training they did yesterday, but I couldn't get their breakfast ready fast enough.

Once everyone else was taken care of, I announced that my coffee is made and hot and I had every intention of enjoying it in front of my computer, catching up on some blogs, you tube videos and forums.  There is so much to read and never enough time to do it.  I got another kick out of Training Payne's blog and his determination to get in his century ride yesterday, despite the nasty weather.  I did say he is Kona bound, so the guy has no choice!  Get'er done!

During my relaxing coffee and reading time this morning, the dogs were bugging me to no end, whining, pacing, nosing me, etc.  You see, during the school year, they'd get walked at the same time every morning, rain or shine, on the way to the bus stop.  Since summer began, they're restless in the am, wanting to patrol their turf and leave liquid reminders to everyone else of their path.  Retired racing greyhounds are a structured bunch.  They live their life in various race kennels and are let out only 4 times per day, at the same time each day.  So, patterning is something imprinted on them from a young age.

Once I finished my coffee, I succumbed to their prodding and took them out for about 40 minutes.  Amy decided to join me and together we walked the short loop in the fresh and windy coolness.  Fall is giving us little hints it isn't too far away.

No training planned today given this is taper week.  We're hosting friends for the afternoon and overnight and have been marinating a roast since last night.  The rotisserie and cue await us later today.  Can't wait for some slow cooked barbecued roast on a spit.  The good company will be refreshing as well.  Not that we have bad company, but you know....

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