Monday, September 27, 2010

Back in the saddle!

It's about time!

The stars aligned to go for a run at lunch today and my Dear Wife decided she was going as well.  We're at different stages of running fitness, at least at present, so I dialed it back a little to keep pace.  She did great, though...pushing through 6km in 36 min.  The woman will soon be kicking my a$$ as she's the one with the marathon experience, not me!  I was just glad to get out there again, though.

I'm thinking this is it.  Back in the saddle.  I've been bugging a top local triathlete coach to take me on, and he is game, but has been REALLY slow in returning my emails to meet.  Maybe I'm the 'too eager wannabe', but after having the last couple weeks off since Muskoka, I don't want to delay any longer.  The other program I've been looking at is Mark Allen Online.  Tons of success stories out there, though how would I hear about the not-so-good ones?  Going local, I can participate in group runs and rides, as well as get pointers on technique.

Oh...I also got a COMPUTRAINER !  I set it up last week on my road bike (tri bike will hopefully be used a few times again this season) and find it amazing.  The spin-scan tells you how efficient your pedal stroke is - basically how you use the power in your legs to pedal in a circle versus simply straight up or down.  It actually works fairly well.  The 3D imaging is amazing.  I don't have anything negative to say about it except the 'Real Course Video' of Ironman Canada I ordered with it has to be returned due to a 'CRC' error during copying to my laptop.  It was a known and relatively widespread issue 1-2 years ago but calmed down quite a bit over the last year.  It's a disc burning issue..tested on 2 laptops at home and neither worked.  Racermate (who sells the CT) is sending me a new one without issue.  With the 5 cm (2+ inches) of rain we are getting over the next 26 hours, there is no way I'll be riding outside in the next couple days.

Need some inspiration?  Have a look...a defining moment in the history of world sport.

Julie Moss


  1. Go for MAO, if the guys not getting back to you that's a sign. Also, unless your a social animal, group stuff is over rated. Instead, find some like minded people that want to ride and run long. I've met tons at the Y or out on the road.

    I don't know of one bad MAO experience. This year they have 30 athletes going to Kona, that says it all. You won't be disappointed. And the price is right.

    Either way, getting a coach local or not is definitey a great thing to do.

    Good luck with the training.


  2. Oh, and his credentials are impecable. In his day we was a decent triathlete. haha

  3. Congrats on getting the Computrainer. I heard only good things about it.

    I've also heard only good things about MAO. I've been planning for a while to start following its principle - e.g. low HR training - and see if it really works for me. Once I finish with Toronto Marathon and Ajax Half-Marathon I am going to set the alarm on my Garmin to max 144 bpm and see how it works. Right now my HR when training is usually always over 160 bpm.