Friday, April 8, 2011

Clowning around on a snowboard

A little humour to start off!  This was from last weekend at the Caribou Cup, Tremblant.  Here are the race details:  Ski or Ride down about 400m of hill, dodging snowballs and anything else the crowd feels like throwing your way, hoping you have enough speed to make it over the 100 or so feet of water...max depth is about 4 feet.  Then, you grab your gear and run to 2 bars, do a shooter and each, and finish about 200m later at the P'tit Caribou bar and chug chug chug a Canadian beer.  In a way, it reminds me of Brian Payne's 'House of Payne' Beer Run.

There were neat costumes on everyone and while most made it across the water, the ones that didn't were the winners losers in our minds.  We saw some great flips, crashes, bangs and booms, attempted 360's, etc.  But the clown takes the cake as the dude who came up the shortest - he barely made it to the water!  Maybe he thought the race was reversed and powered back a few before the start.  In any event, he was too close for comfort, narrowly missing my kids beside me!!  As I was filming with my phone, I couldn't tell how close he was until it was too late...and you can hear me thanking the guy standing beside me who pulled my girls to safety!  The kids had a blast watching and I have no doubts they'll be out there when they turn 18!

Training was ok this week, though I had to skip my bike sessions.  Just not enough hours in the day.  I have a 2.25 hour run tomorrow, which should be awesome given our weather forecast is for a beautiful day.  About friggin' time!!

Last thing...I ordered a sign for our backyard it!!  Happy training, thanks for reading!


  1. ha ha that sounds freaking awesome, you are right, sounds just like the HOP beer run!

    Also, I like the sign.