Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kids can be aero too

Notice the Kona postcard from @Bryabrarobry
Two posts in a row and I've got kids kids kids involved!

Everyone living life with vigor knows that sometimes its hard to achieve balance between work, family, training, sleep, pets, and whatever else is going on.  Tonight was another night where I needed to combine both being a parent and Ironman training.

From last post's comments, I learned Peter trains in the wee hours - sometimes as early as 3:30AM.  (ummm, not for me!).  Doru will start this summer with his oldest, Austin remembers riding while his dad ran many moons ago, and BDD wants to be racing long enough so his kids, if he has them, can kick his rear across the finish line some day...or he can squeak in ahead of them!!!  But I'm inspired by others who work so hard to be the best they can and engage family members along the way.  I get the warm and fuzzies seeing family members with signs supporting their athletes at the races.

I had an 'easy' ride in the calendar for tonight - 60 minutes.  I'll be doing my 35km long run tomorrow so I certainly didn't push the legs too hard tonight.  Come June and the marathon is behind me, my bike and I are going to be inseparable as I look to recoup / regain some leg fitness.

Supposed to be +11C degrees tomorrow, and SUNNY!  Something we haven't seen for awhile.  Rain returns all day Saturday.  I'm psyched for the long run tomorrow but my knees are still somewhat sore from last week.  Should go away once I get warmed up, though.  Bring it!!!

If you are taking tomorrow off, enjoy it!!


  1. That is an awesome photo!!

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. that's a 3.5 hour run today, not 3:30 am! I'm not that crazy!!

    how did your run go today? i'm hurtin