Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paying the price

Every step, I am reminded of the potential (and in this case , actual) nastiness of long distance running.  My blisters, while non issues at the time, have migrated from the base of my big toes to the soft area at the base of the toe before it connects to the foot.  Ouch, with every step as the toes bend when you push off walking.  It's actually debilitating and has taken my runs from me for at least a week.  I emailed my coach today and asked for advice on the plan and if I should increase some ride time.  He agreed and said I should dial back next weekend's run from another 35 down to 20km.  And use Body Glide on my toes.

Another really great comment from my coach:  I mentioned I felt good running, no issues, legs did ok, etc, but I am not a 'runner'.  He then reminded me of something really critical - he said "No, you are not a runner.  You are a triathlete and for you to feel like a runner, you'd likely have to stop swimming and biking for a few months.  Cool.

We expected, and got a ton, of rain on Saturday so we spent the day running errands and had tickets to 'Stars on Ice' that evening, for Jessica's 8th birthday.  I happened to time a jump by Shawn Sawyer perfectly...my girls are figure skaters (as well as skiers!) and have all the moves named.  I made up the name for the backflip though - a Jackrabbit!  The girls talked all weekend about Jackrabbits!!  Ha ha, dad rules!!!

My plan on Sunday was to spin out the legs (given I could barely walk) so I got out for a short 30km ride.  It was my first outdoor ride of the season and I can't believe how easy it was.  It was nice to cruise around the countryside!

Back at home, I've been putting off finishing the deck skirting and stair railing, for oh, 5 years now!!  It's what happens when life gets in the way - I'm sure you are all the same!  I don't have IMLP on the calendar this year so my volume isn't what it is for many in the northeast right now and I can afford to get some of this work done now.  I know, come summer, I'll be lake swimming and doing bricks left right and center and be frankly disengaged from work around the house.  After all, it's triathlon season!  It's getting real when I can ride outside!!

Happy training, thanks for reading.

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  1. Running hurts.

    That is all I have to say about that.

    For me I find that if I foam roll and make sure I get enough protein, I can recover a bit better.

    Love the deck skirting/railing/the whole shebang!! When are you coming to my place? ha ha