Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where has the time gone?

It's clearly been awhile since I've had the chance to blog.  Like everyone, life has gotten in the way!!  But that is a good thing, right?  It means there is a lot going on that isn't being done in front of the TV and we (you) are living life to the fullest.

We have been struggling with some big decisions lately.  Both my wife and I work for a large corporation and work at home.  We have the flexibility to live and work anywhere in Canada and we've been asking ourselves why we choose to live where we do.  We've asked friends and neighbours the same question - if you could go anywhere, where would you go and why?  

We have considered going to Whistler, BC..."for a year".  They have great public schools, a self contained town, the best skiing in North America and more off season activities than you can shake a stick at.  From a timing point of view, I think we're missing the spring home sale rush as we have some things we would like to do on the house prior to placing the For Sale sign at the end of the driveway.  So, our plans may get put off by a year or so.  I am pleased to mention by 7 year old made one of the Tremblant ski racing teams for next season!!  They took 12 out of 31 who tried out, and only 3 girls.  If you ask me, being so selective at this age is not a good thing.  I expected them to accept about 85% or more of those who tried out, for they are all decent little skiers. 

 Spring skiing was a long time in coming this year with the snow JUST softening up last weekend.  With the girls having skied so much this year, they really improved a ton and we were able to ski the steeps, even with my 5 year old.  Double black diamonds were no match for her as she has not only really good balance and skill, but she is a very disciplined skier.  Her turns are round, controlled, and her timing is bang on.  I included a video of her on 'Devil's River'.  I taught / coached skiing for a LONG time and I'll tell you there are plenty of current instructors who can't pull off long turns like Amy's in this video.  For sure I'm a proud dad and I don't mean to brag, but this girl can ski so well for a 5 year old!!

On the training front, March was nearly a write off, which annoys me to no end.  Work was terribly busy and even my week off at March break was spent working 15 hours a day.  I couldn't get away, unfortunately.  As I have my first marathon in about 7 weeks, I'm stressing over the missed sessions.  I guess the next few weeks are going to make or break my participation in May.  I'm running comfortably 20 km at this point and my training plan has me at 25 next weekend and 30 the following.  Then two weekends in a row at 35 before things ramp down a bit in prep for the race.  Clearly for me, however, it's not a 'race'.  I'm going for a 'finish with the least amount of pain possible!'.

I've enjoyed catching up on everyone's blogs and seeing the universal determination to close the winter pages and get out in the nicer weather on the streets.  I have yet to pull my bike off the CT and probably won't for a few more weeks.  It's still pretty nasty out there most of the time and I've got a training tire on my bike now, which is a MAJOR PITA to take on/off.  Sound lazy?  I guess so!!  But the CT can still get some more use in the weeks to come.

For anyone thinking of signing up for IM Muskoka 70.3 on Sep 11 this year, sign up by Sunday to receive 20% off the early entry fee...making it somewhere around the $200 mark.  Happy training!


  1. Your daughter is an awesome skier! :)

  2. Are you doing the Vancouver marathon? If you buckle down and had been on track prior to March you'll be ok! I'm just coming out of a two week slack period and it feels good to get started again.

  3. Thanks Carrie!!

    Kristin...I'm attempting the Ottawa Marathon on May 29 and I just checked Vancouver, which is May 1. I think you're going to tell me I have plenty of time now, right?! haha!! It's unfortunately too easy to fall off the tracks for all of us, but glad you found your way back so quickly!

  4. Hey there, you daughter is a ripper!! Holy cow! That is awesome.

    I like the BC idea, purely from a skier perspective! :)

    Good luck getting back into training, I know it is so easy to fall off the wagon for sure. I think you will be OK on the marathon, just don't try to kill it (is this your first? I can't remember.) and relax and enjoy the day.

  5. Wow, your daughter is a very good skier. I hope that one day I'll be as good as she is :-).

    I hadn't really thought about it, but if I could move somewhere else, BC sounds like my kind of place. Whistler and Victoria are definitely at the top of the list.

  6. Amy is a super impressive 5 year old skier girl! Beautiful job to Amy, and to her ski instructor/videographer. She's a fortunate girl to be able to ski so much so early in life.